Radio Tonight: SNS, WTR

Sunday Night Showdown sent this in: Join us tonight for live Pay per view coverage of TNA’s Against all odd’s. Also we will discuss the incident that happened over the weekend with Chris Jericho being attacked by fans and his retaliation. We will also delve into discussions on the build for WWE’s No Way Out, possible WrestleMania card, and a look at the Legends of Wrestling video game. Be sure to tune in tonight at 6 pm MST check out for more details on how to listen live and join us in chat.

rocknsock sent this in: The Evolution of Online Entertainment, Wrestle Talk Radio, returns to the airwaves this Sunday Night at 10pm Eastern on the Wild Talk Radio Network. On the program this week, the hosts of Wrestle Talk Radio will cover the latest news in the WWE and give you a recap of all of the storylines going on in the WWE. The crew will also update you on everything that happened during the TNA Pay Per View, Against All Odds. Plus Wrestle Talk Radio wants to hear from you and will take your phone calls live during the program. So join Wrestle Talk Radio this Sunday Night at 10pm Eastern at