Recap of Rob Van Dam on Fox News

Josh sent this recap in:

Recap of RVD on Geraldo, talking Phelps and Pot
Written by Josh of

Rob Van Dam appeared with Geraldo on FOX tonight to discuss Michael Phelps’ recent troubles with marijuana. Geraldo introduced RVD and mentioned that he was stripped of his World Title after being caught with pot in his car in 2006. Geraldo was referring to the incident on 7/2/2006 where Van Dam and Sabu were pulled over in Ohio and found to be in possession of 18 grams of pot. Geraldo asked RVD what he thought about Phelps losing his endorsements and RVD said it’s all based on ignorance and said if Phelps had a cigarette in his mouth, nobody would be saying anything. RVD talked about how many people die from smoking cigarettes every year and how no person dies from smoking pot.

Geraldo asked him if the incident in 2006 with him losing the World Title made him a pot advocate and RVD corrected him saying he lost two World Titles as he was a dual Champion then. RVD said he also was suspended for 30 days and lost thousands of dollars. He said he was already into it and appreciates the opportunity to draw attention to the Phelps situation. He said with Phelps being outed, it’s a good time to talk about the truth. They began to show clips of RVD and Sabu wrestling in ECW. RVD referred to a survey and talked about half of Americans have tried pot and it’s better for you than alcohol or cigarettes are.

Geraldo talked about the sheriff in South Carolina wanting to prosecute Phelps and after some guests on Geraldo’s panel discussed it, Van Dam said it’s not about just breaking the law, it’s about prejudice towards cannabis and all based on ignorance. That was pretty much everything as Geraldo wished Van Dam luck and hoped he gets “back to championship status soon.” RVD thanked him and that was it.

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