The Sun in the UK has an interview up with Eric Bischoff. Here are some highlights.

On Hulk Hogan’s CCW reality show becoming a full-time promotion:
“There is no wrestling company as of yet, but that is certainly something that could happen in the future. We?re discussing that now.”

His reaction to Vince McMahon not liking the show:
“I think the reason Vince McMahon got mad is because we put on a great show and it was a fresh idea. Vince was only disappointed that we got there first. There are now rumors here in the States that he is going to launch a reality show much like CCW and bring celebrities in.”

On WWE trying to stop Brutus Beefcake over his name:
“They tried and we prevented that. The WWE served my production company, BHE, with a ?cease and desist? to try and prevent us to using any footage that referenced his name. Our lawyers fired back and basically said: ‘Stick it in your ass. We have every legal right to do it and we will continue to do it.’ After that we never heard another word from them.”

On starting CCW and not going to TNA or back to WWE:
“Neither one of us were interested in TNA. It’s a small organization that doesn?t have very much vision. The best way to describe it is like WWE-lite. There was nothing exciting there for Hulk or myself. Although Dixie Carter is a nice woman, and I?m sure very intelligent, the rest of the people in senior management there are not the sort of people we would like to work with. As far as doing something with WWE, in Hulk’s case, and to a degree in mine, it’s ‘been there and done that’. We wanted to do something of our own, that we control and that we had never done before.”

If TNA has ever sent him offers:
“Sure they have. But look, the people that are involved in the creative process and vision for TNA are people that couldn?t get a job in WWE or shouldn?t have had a job in WCW. There’s no vision for that company. They are people who have never been to the dance. They?ve never been a part, really, of any of the decision-making processes that led to the success of the industry. Some of them happen to have been working there while other people did it, but have never really done it for themselves. They just don?t have the feel for it. So that’s the reason we wouldn?t want to be there. For me to sit down and say ‘listen guys, this is what you have to do to be successful’ would be like telling a three-year-old how to fly an airplane. You can try all you want, they?re never going to get it.”

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