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Wednesday’s edition of Peach State Pandemonium, hosted by Rich Tate and Les Thatcher, featured Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Nigel McGuinness, who talked about his career, his reign as champion, the change of direction in bookers, and much more. PSP is a presentation of Georgia Wrestling History‘s GWH Radio Network. Click here to listen to the archive.

Tonight’s edition of the NoseBleed Section, with hosts John ?Stoney? Cannon and Joe ?Joco? Cowart, will feature some audio from a Royal Rumble party Cannon attended. Also, Cannon and Cowart take a look back a day they spent with the world’s most famous wrestling fan, Dave Wills, and much more. The broadcast starts at 9:00 PM ET, and is brought to you by the GWHRN.

The final overall rating for the Tuesday edition of World Wrestling Entertainment‘s ECW was 1.3.

After much hype about the possibility of a match of some sort taking place at WrestleMania between Mickey Rourke and Chris Jericho, it appears to be dead. Rourke’s publicist distributed an announcement Wednesday night noting he would not be participating in the event.

The lineup for tonight’s iMPACT broadcast on Spike TV, from Total Nonstop Action, is as follows: Mike Tenay, Don West, and David Penzar are temporarily replaced; Kurt Angle invades Jeff Jarrett’s office; ODB versus the Kontourage in a handicap match; Booker T versus Rudy Charles & Andrew Thomas in a handicap match; Petey Williams, with one hand tied behind his back, versus Matt Morgan; Team 3D versus Sting in a handicap match; Scott Steiner versus Abyss, who is allowed to use weapons; and Kurt Angle versus the Latin American Xchange in a handicap match.

Tickets for the following TNA event go on sale Friday: April 4, at the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA.

Great Championship Wrestling presents “Uphill Battle” tonight at the Gr8 Sk8 Plex in Phenix City, AL. Advertised: J-Rod defends the GCW Heavyweight Title against Orion Bishop (with Wicked Nemesis), Joey Lightning & Kareem Abdul Jamar (with John Bogie) vs. Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks with Quentin Michaels Esq.), the Butcher (with Princeton Gainey) vs. Scotty Beach, and the Southside Trash (with J.P. Money) and Frankie Valentine will also be in action. Bell time is 7:30pm. For reserved seats, call 334-664-1780.

On February 12, GCW will be having a special fundraiser show and silent auction with all proceeds going to the Maegan Johnson Fund. Maegan Johnson is a seven year old from Smith’s Station that was recently diagnosed with a ruptured brain aneurism. She was immediately life flighted to the Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta last month for treatment and has endured nearly a dozen delicate operations in less then 30 days. The price of the required medical care has threatened to put the family in financial perril, and Great Entertainment is proud to help out by donating all proceeds from February 12th event in Phenix City, as a way of showing support for Maegan and her family. We ask everyone to join us and help give a family the miracle they’ve been looking for. For more information contact Paul Warren at 706-304-7553. The event will take place at the Great Skate Plex In Phenix City Alabama. Tickets will be 10 dollars across the board, and ringside seats will be given on a first come, first serve basis for that evening. Already scheduled for the event is the Tag Team Gauntlet match with The Merchants of Death defending the tag team titles against several teams in GCW, including The Southside Trash. Also scheduled to appear: GCW Heavyweight Champion J-Rod, Cru Jones, Scotty Beach, Princeton Gainey, Rob Adonis, Kareem Abdul Jamar, 80’s Guy John Bogie, and others.

All-State Wrestling will be at the Statum Cab Company Building in Shelbyville, TN, tonight.

Ericules Wrestling Promotions will be at the Green Acres Flea Market in Louisville, TN, tonight.

Florida Championship Wrestling will be at the FCW Arena in Tampa, FL, tonight.

The following information in regard to birthdays and memoriams has been compiled from various sources. In the event you can let us know of any omissions or corrections, please email to contributions@georgiawrestlinghistory.com.

Today’s Birthdays: Hardcore Holly (1963).

Today In Memoriam: Jim Clinstock (38, 1944) and Emory Hale (2006).

Click here for this week’s update of Wrestler’s Eye View with Les Thatcher.

When Ultimate Fighting Championship hits Las Vegas, NV, on May 23 for UFC 98, Brock Lesnar will be facing Frank Mir. It was Mir defeated Lesnar at UFC 81 for his only loss since transitioning from pro wrestling to mixed martial arts.

It is being reported that Bobby Lashley has had to back out of his next scheduled fight, against Mike Hayes, which was to take place on February 6 in Lenmoore, CA. He injured his ankle while training.

As we reported several days ago, Dr. Phil C. Astin III, appeared in court today, changing his plea to guilty, on charges of unlawful distribution of drugs, on 175 counts. On more than fifty of those, he faces up to twenty years and imprisonment and fines of $1 million per count. The remainder of counts can call for five years in prison and $250,000. Astin will be sentenced on May 12.

Woody Johnson, who has appeared for Showtime All-Star Wrestling under the name of Frank Malone and as Snake Jones for NWA Main Event, is being held without bond in the Nashville jail on charges of criminal homicide and conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery. For stories on Johnson’s arrest click here and here.

Click here for Larry Goodman’s review of the January 17 broadcast of NWA Main Event.

Full Impact Pro will be at the National Guard Armory in Brooksville, FL, on February 8 for the second annual ?Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts?. Advertised: For the FIP Heavyweight championship, Tyler Black defends vs. Delirious w/Heartbreak Enterprises. For the Shimmer women’s championship, MsChif defends vs. Mercedes Martinez. In the Battle for the Belts tournament quarterfinals: Davey Richards vs. Chris Jones. Roderick Strong vs. Necro Butcher. Erick Stevens vs. El Generico. Austin Aries vs. Nigel McGuiness. The winners of the quarterfinals will meet in the semi finals and then the last two winners will meet in the finals later that night. Tickets are $20 ringside, $15 for general and $10 for general for kids 13 and under. Advance tickets are $12 general, and $8 general for kids 13 and under. Doors open at 5:30 and bell time is at 6:00. For more information, call (352) 422-4582.

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


JANUARY 29, 1932 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? GEORGIA POWER ATHLETIC AND SOCIAL CLUB (F.P. McGee ? Promoter) > Ted Radcliffe versus Oscar Williamson > Glenn Cowan versus Young Rupley > John Dameron versus Greek George / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. There were also boxing matches, but no details were provided following the card.

JANUARY 29, 1934 (MONDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? FAIR STREET ARENA (Jason Thompson ? Promoter) > Young Londos defeated Gorilla Tucker > Whitey Patterson defeated Eddie Wagner > The Masked Marvel defeated Chief Lakeside

JANUARY 29, 1935 (TUESDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Henry Weber ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Keith Converse defeated C.B. Jones at 11:00 > Everett Gibbons defeated Jack O?Brien > Paul Harper defeated George Tragos at 40:00 (2-0) > Dorv Roche defeated Whitey Hewitt by disqualification (2-0)

JANUARY 29, 1935 (TUESDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? NEW COLISEUM (Jack Browning ? Promoter) > Jim Henry versus Dobie Osborne > Rudy Strongberg versus Ed Nolan / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JANUARY 29, 1935 (TUESDAY) ? VALDOSTA, GA ? NAT SMITH WAREHOUSE (Jim Baisden ? Promoter) > Pete Brown versus Honey Boy Cady > Jack Ozar versus Tex Hammer > George Romanoff versus Harry Nixon / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JANUARY 29, 1936 (WEDNESDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? NEW COLISEUM (Bill Metzger ? Promoter) > Dobie Osborne defeated Pat Newman > Dutch Schultz defeated Willie Zellers

JANUARY 29, 1937 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA THEATRE (Frank Speer ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > George Harben and Marshall Blackstock wrestled to a draw > Women’s World Title Match: Clara Mortensen* and Mrs. Billy White Wolfe wrestled to a draw at 15:00 > Roland Kirchmeyer defeated Milo Steinborn > George Hagen defeated Babe Zaharias / Notes: Clara Mortensen had been claiming the Women’s World Title since 1932, although it is unclear exactly how she came to be recognized as such. Some sources report she had defeated Barbara Ware for the title. Meanwhile, sources also show that Mildred Burke, wrestling here as Mrs. Billy White Wolfe, had defeated Mortensen to win the title on January 28, 1937, in Chattanooga, TN.

JANUARY 29, 1937 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? NORTHSIDE ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby ? Promoters) > Glenn Cowan versus Red Dugan > Joe Wheeler versus Bad Boy Brown > Teddy Betts versus Doc Poole / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JANUARY 29, 1943 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Sammy Friedman ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Roland Kirchmeyer defeated Dorv Roche by disqualification > Emir Badui defeated Al Massey > Nick Elitch and Rudy Strongberg wrestled to a draw / Notes: Tiny Kennon was credited as being a referee on this card.

JANUARY 29, 1948 (THURSDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Alex Kaffner and Mike Whatley wrestled to a draw > Henry Piers defeated Jack Hader > Tom Mahoney and Paul Stanlee wrestled to a draw > Al Massey & Tommy O?Toole defeated Al Galento & Dan O?Connor / Notes: Henry Piers replaced Al Massey in the match with Jack Hader, as Massey substituted for Bibber McCoy to team with Tommy O?Toole in the match with Al Galento & Dan O?Connor.

JANUARY 29, 1954 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jack Dillon versus Wild Man Zimm > Red McIntyre versus Babe Zaharias > Leo Numa versus Frank Taylor > Women’s World Title Match: Mildred Burke* versus Catherine Simpson / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Mildred Burke had been the reigning Women’s World Champion since she defeated Betty Nichols in Columbus, OH, on December 1, 1938.

JANUARY 29, 1958 (WEDNESDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? WRDW STUDIOS (Robert McCoy ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ray Gunkel defeated the Mighty Yankee (2-0)

JANUARY 29, 1960 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Vince Bryant & Chief Little Eagle defeated Bud Pella & Tokyo Joe > Women’s World Title Match: the Fabulous Moolah* defeated Rita Cortez > Freddie Blassie defeated Mr. X (1) / Notes: The Fabulous Moolah had been billed as Women’s World Champion since she defeated Judy Grable on September 18, 1956, in Baltimore, MD. However, she was not considered the undisputed champion until June Byers retired with her title, won in Atlanta on August 20, 1954, in a win over Mildred Burke, until Byers retired in 1964.

JANUARY 29, 1963 (TUESDAY) ? MACON, GA ? MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > John Paul Henning defeated George Bell by disqualification > Lenny Montana defeated Derrell Cochran > The Steve Boys defeated Bronko Lubich & the Bat by disqualification / Notes: Homer O?Dell managed Bronko Lubich.

JANUARY 29, 1965 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Krusher Karlson defeated Gino Brito > Bill Dromo defeated Silento Rodriguez > Tony Marino defeated Red Roberts > George & Crybaby Harris defeated Jack & Bob Dalton > Southern Tag Team Title Match: Buddy Fuller & Mario Galento defeated the Mysterious Medics* to win title / Notes: It was reported that Mario Galento gave Buddy Fuller $1,000 to team with him against the Mysterious Medics. Following the match, for no apparent reason, Galento attacked Fuller and the Medics helped. It was reported that both Galento and Fuller were taken to the hospital due to injuries. The Medics had been the reigning Southern Tag Team Champions since they defeated Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat on November 20, 1964, in Atlanta. It was announced that the Fabulous Moolah would be wrestling in Atlanta soon.

JANUARY 29, 1971 (FRIDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jim Wilson defeated Mr. Ito > The Great Ota defeated Joe Flaherty > Skandor Akbar & Kubla Khan defeated Jack & Jim Dalton > Bob Griffin and Luke Graham wrestled to a draw > Michel Dubois & Fidel Castillo versus the Assassins ruled a no contest > Buddy Colt defeated Paul DeMarco / Notes: During the match between Michel Dubois & Fidel Castillo and the Assassins, Assassin #1 opened up a major cut on Castillo that left blood all over the ring. Jack Crawford managed Kubla Khan. Homer O?Dell managed Buddy Colt. It was announced there would be a tournament held for the vacant Georgia Heavyweight Title on February 5, 1971. The title had been vacant since the NWA reportedly recommended such action following an appeal filed by O?Dell and Colt after Colt seemingly lost the title to Ray Gunkel on November 27, 1970. Jack & Jim Dalton participated in an autograph session for fans.

JANUARY 29, 1972 (SATURDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? WTCG STUDIOS (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bepo Mongol defeated Raton Kadoka > Dick Steinborn & Klondike Bill defeated Rocket & Flash Monroe by disqualification > El Mongol defeated Karl Von Stroheim / Notes: This was taped for the ?Georgia Championship Wrestling? television program hosted by Ed Capral. Assassin #1 managed Karl Von Stroheim and Bepo Mongol.

JANUARY 29, 1974 (TUESDAY) ? ATLANTA, GA ? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Ann Gunkel ? Promoter / All-South Wrestling Alliance) > Lanny Poffo defeated Cisco Grimaldo > The Royal Kangaroos defeated Pat & Mike Kelly > Wayne Cowan versus Ted Oates ruled a no contest > Georgia Tag Team Title Match: Ray Candy & El Mongol* defeated the Mongols > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: the Missouri Mauler* and Mil Mascaras wrestled to a draw > US Tag Team Title Match: Assassin #2 & the Super Gladiator* versus Thunderbolt Patterson & Assassin #1 / Notes: Assassin #2 & the Super Gladiator and Thunderbolt Patterson & Assassin #1 were scheduled to wrestle each other, but no results were reported after the card. Rock Hunter managed Assassin #2 and the Missouri Mauler. George Cannon managed the Mongols. The program we have for this card now bills Ann Gunkel as Ann Gunkel instead of the aforementioned Mrs. Ray Gunkel.

JANUARY 29, 1974 (TUESDAY) ? MACON, GA ? MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bobby Cash defeated Bill Costello at 8:00 > Rufus R. Jones versus Gorgeous George, Jr., ruled a no contest > Bob Armstrong & Ricky Gibson defeated Bobby Duncum & Gary Hart > Ron & Terry Garvin defeated Tim Woods & Roberto Soto > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Robert Fuller / Notes: Lou Thesz was the special referee for the match between Mr. Wrestling #2 and Robert Fuller. Jimmy Garvin managed Ron & Terry Garvin.

JANUARY 29, 1978 (SUNDAY) ? SAVANNAH, GA ? SAVANNAH CIVIC CENTER (Aaron Newman ? Promoter / Jim Crockett Promotions) > Bill White and Jimmy Garvin wrestled to a draw > The Russian Stomper defeated Mr. Saito > Ted Oates & Abe Jacobs defeated Mr. X #1 & #2 > Tony Atlas defeated Ric Flair by disqualification > US Heavyweight Title Match: Blackjack Mulligan* and Ricky Steamboat wrestled to a draw

JANUARY 29, 1979 (MONDAY) ? AUGUSTA, GA ? WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Mr. Wrestling #1 versus the Grappler > Tommy Rich versus Luke Graham > Wahoo McDaniel versus King Kong Mosca > Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen versus Thunderbolt Patterson & Andre the Giant / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JANUARY 29, 1981 (THURSDAY) ? DALTON, GA ? FORT HILL SCHOOL GYMNASIUM (Paul Jones ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Charlie Cook versus Bobby Eaton > Steve O versus Alexis Smirnoff > Michael Hayes versus Mr. Wrestling #2 > Kevin Sullivan versus Steve Keirn > Ted DiBiase & Stan Frazier versus Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Michael Hayes joined Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts at the ring during their match with Ted DiBiase & Stan Frazier, and Gordy and Roberts joined Hayes at the ring during his match with Mr. Wrestling #2.

JANUARY 29, 1983 (SATURDAY) ? COLUMBUS, OH ? OHIO CENTER (Les Thatcher ? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > The Iron Sheik defeated Tito Santana > Dick Murdoch defeated the Super Destroyer > Bruiser Brody defeated Brad Armstrong > Paul Orndorff defeated Ivan Koloff > Stan Hansen & Tommy Rich defeated Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer by disqualification > NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Ric Flair* defeated Butch Reed by disqualification

JANUARY 29, 1985 (TUESDAY) ? SAGINAW, MI (Ole Anderson ? Promoter / Championship Wrestling from Georgia) > The Italian Stallion defeated Doug Somers > Ron Ritchie & Brian Adidas defeated the Hollywood Blonds > Ron Garvin defeated Ox Baker > Tommy Rich defeated Bob Roop by disqualification > Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson versus Scott Irwin & Kareem Muhammad ruled a no contest

The information compiled within our daily reports are through the efforts of various contributors, including, but not limited to, Rich Tate, Larry Goodman, Chuck Thornton, Brian Waits, Don Luce, Brian Slack, Fred Hornby, Thomas Bugg, J Michael Kenyon, Steve Yohe, David Williamson, Becky Taylor, John Cannon, Mike Norris, Bobby Simmons, Les Thatcher, Crimson Mask, Dan Masters, Tim Dix, Tim Dills, Jimmie Daniel, Gene Restaino, Shannon Rose, Alan Wojcik, Devin Cutting, and Richard O?Sullivan.

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