Video: Watch the AEW Double or Nothing Ticket Party Announcement live stream

The AEW press conference from Las Vegas will begin at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 Central.

We are live in Las Vegas from the MGM Grand. Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez open the live stream. They introduce Excalibur who is also part of the announce team tonight.

The crowd in attendance is already chanting for Kenny Omega.

Sonny Kiss walks out and is tossing out AEW merchandise to the live crowd. Sonny was previously part of the Lucha Underground roster. He approaches the podium and hears AEW is for everyone. He says Sonny Kiss is for everyone. Kiss announces he will be part of the Double or Nothing PPV this May in Las Vegas.

Alex Marvez says Sonny Kiss is a Brandi Rhodes signing.

AEW Executive Vice President Cody is out next. Cody thanks the fans for showing up, even if it is a little cold in Vegas tonight. “If not us, who? And if not now, when?” Cody says this feels like a revolution. He talks about the partnership with OWE being announced in Jacksonville. Cody confirms AEW’s next partnership: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide. He describes how the partnership will allow them to present the best “sportcentric” pro wrestling show around today. Cody wants to talk tickets next for Double or Nothing. He reveals pre-sale tickets are on sale now at

AAA Cruiserweight Champion Sammy Guevara is introduced next. Guevara tells fans to educate themselves on YouTube if they don’t know who he is. He adds it’s okay if they don’t know him because soon everyone will learn he is the best ever. “I am the current Cruiserweight AAA World Champion, baby.” Guevara says this title means he is one of the best damn wrestlers in the world. He promises to be the true superstar of AEW. Guevara promises to steal the show on May 25 at Double or Nothing.

Hangman Page is introduced next. Page jokes he might have jumped the gun in Jacksonville for calling the fans his boss. He said he wanted to show up tonight in “full gear” and he is covered in clothes instead. Page again jokes he will be in the best damn shape of his life by May 25 for Double or Nothing. He mentions saying he wanted to become the first ever AEW World Champion in Jacksonville, but he was interrupted by a “slimy haired son of a bitch” named PAC. PAC shows up on video “via satellite” interrupting. He describes himself as a “horrible, devious bastard.” PAC says he has been deemed unsuitable for mainstream audiences. PAC calls Page and his group “elitist pricks.” He says he is “bloody exceptional” and Page is simply not on his level. PAC tells Page to bring everything he has on May 25 and not to forget his “little cowboy boots.” He predicts Page will want to “ride off into the sunset” and says he will see him in Vegas. Back live, Page says PAC couldn’t be bothered to be here and is doing what he does best: sit at home. He wants to make it official at Double or Nothing: The Bastard vs. The Hangman.

Hangman Page vs. PAC is the first official match for Double or Nothing on May 25.

The Young Bucks are introduced next. Matt Jackson talks about growing up as kids watching their favorite 90s pro wrestlers. They made a promise to become professional wrestlers and do it together as a team. Matt says it feels like tag team wrestling has become a lost art and how you don’t really see them on wrestling programs. “That’s all about to change. Our goal, our main objective, is to give you fans the best tag team division in the world.” Nick Jackson asks the fans if tag team wrestling can be the main event. The crowd starts up a loud “YES” chant. They want to introduce the next tag team signing for All Elite Wrestling: Best Friends.

Barreta (Trent Barreta) and Chuckie T (Chuck Taylor) walk out next. Chuck grabs the mic introducing himself and Trent. He said the Best Friends are looking for the best tag teams on earth and thinks they made the right choice coming to All Elite Wrestling. Barreta says everyone is talking about changing the world and tag team wrestling. “That’s exactly what we are here to do.” He wants everyone to join them to put their hands in, Best Friends on three…one…two…three. The crowd chants “BEST FRIENDS.”

The Bucks thank the fans again and that they will see them on May 25.

The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) walk out next. Pentagon and Fenix walk up on stage and get in the face of The Bucks. Fenix superkicks Nick. Pentagon with his package piledriver to Matt over the stage. Fenix gets on the mic and tells AEW to get ready for the Lucha Bros. “Because the Lucha Bros are the best tag team in the universe.” Pentagon Jr. gets on the mic cutting a promo in Spanish.

Conrad and Alex plug pre-sale tickets at for Double or Nothing.

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes is out next. She talks about her plans for the women’s division in AEW and giving some information back in Jacksonville. Brandi would like to introduce talents for Double or Nothing. Up first: Yuka Sakazaki who has been wrestling in Japan. Aja Kong is the next talent set for Double or Nothing. She was unable to get those talents to Las Vegas, but brought someone with her tonight.

Kylie Rae is introduced. Kylie talks about picking out a dress for tonight, but that it is too cold. Kylie takes off her jacket to show off her red dress. She thanks AEW for the opportunity and to help grow the women’s division. Brandi says she also brought someone else to Las Vegas tonight. AEW’s next signee is introduced: Nyla Rose. Nyle walks up on stage and gets in the face of Kyle. Brandi gets between them to break it up.

Excalibur takes the stage and talks about AEW being all about collaboration. He introduces three men synonymous with the best place in the entire world.

SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) is introduced next. Sky takes the mic first getting the crowd loud in Las Vegas. He does the “this is the worst town I’ve ever been in” line. Kazarian says SCU works hard and plays even harder. He announces the official after-party of Double or Nothing will be called: SCU All Night. Kazarian starts a loud SCU chant. Christopher Daniels says they aren’t out here just to put over a catchphrase.

Excalibur takes the stage again to talk about partnerships with OWE in China. A video package runs highlighting OWE. Back live, Excalibur introduces OWE executives and legendary Japanese pro wrestler Cima. After we hear from the OWE executives, Daniels tells Cima to grab two other men to face SCU at Double or Nothing. Daniels and Cima shake hands. Daniels then raises the arm of Cima.

Conrad and Alex talk about the new AEW website already crashing. Alex says they still have on more announcement to make tonight. Both men exit the stage smiling.

A video plays on the screen showing a countdown on a smartphone.

The Being The Elite theme song plays. Kenny Omega walks out to a big reaction. The graphic announces Omega as an Executive Vice President of AEW.

Omega grabs a mic and apologizes for making the fans wait this long for this announcement. He said the world is a strange place when it comes to legalities. Omega reveals he didn’t put “pen to paper” until this morning. He’s very happy and excited to announce that he has now a full-time member of the AEW roster. Omega talks about forming The Elite and trying to give back to the wrestling fans with The Bucks and Cody. He said the journey had to come to an end in Japan. Omega says now they are here in the “frigid cold” of Las Vegas and thanks to the platform given to them by the Khan family, a platform also given by fans who “wanted something more” and “wanted something different”, they couldn’t just top and had to push this thing forward.

Omega says in various interviews, he was asked what it was like to change the world and he couldn’t quite explain it so eloquently. He always knew the meaning in his heart and he knew the fans really understood that at ALL IN last year in Chicago. Omega wondered why couldn’t it be this way all the time? He says now it can. Omega says rather than try to explain what change the world means in words, the cast and crew of All Elite Wrestling will finally be able to show you how they will change the world.

Chris Jericho walks out to interrupt. Jericho gets a big reaction and walks up on stage with Omega. Jericho gets in Omega’s face. The crowd in Las Vegas starts a “HOLY SH*T” chant. Omega and Jericho are exchanging words. A brawl breaks out. AEW executives and security jump up on stage to break up the brawl between Omega and Jericho.

Jericho is being dragged backstage by AEW executives including Billy Gunn and Christopher Daniels. Omega has Jericho’s hat on and approaches the podium again. He’s been waiting weeks to say his favorite line. Omega must bid you adieu, grabs the house mic, smiles, goodbye and goodnight with a bang. The live stream comes to a close.