Correction on Ric Flair, WWE CD

Gregory Walek sent this in:

About this article…

Flair was signed by EA, not EA Sports. EA Sports is a division that only does sports games, it doesn’t handle the C&C games. When we talk about the Madden, FIFA, or Tiger Woods games, that’s EA Sports.

Flair was signed for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 expansion pack. Uprising Red Alert 3 is already available.

EA’s press release: click here

In the press release they mention an interview with Flair. EA released a C&C Battlecast Minute Video showing a portion of an Interview with Flair: click here. The video ends on a cliff hanger. The full interview will shown this Friday on EA’s C&C website.

KJ sent this in:

I went looking for the new WWE CD (I need to have Orton’s theme as my ring tune…it’s too clever!) and I was disappointed to find out that Canadian HMVs (or at least in the Greater Toronto Area) have a release date of Feb 3 NOT Jan 27. The guy at Best Buy told me the same date for them (but he sounded kind of clueless to begin with). Just wondering if you have similar reports….I would prefer not to wait ANOTHER week.