Radio: Sunday Night Showdown, WTR

Dave Standish sent this in:

Sunday Night Showdown with live Rumble coverage

Join us tonight for live audio coverage of the 2009 Royal Rumble on Sunday Night Showdown,

We will give live updates during the event, talk about the TV programs from this past week and have our normal lively discussions. Join us live for every TNA and WWE pay per view.

rocknsock sent this in:

The Evolution of Online Entertainment, Wrestle Talk Radio, returns to the airwaves this Sunday Night at 11pm Eastern on the Wild Talk Radio Network. This week Wrestle Talk Radio will be live on the air following the 2009 WWE Royal Rumble to give you a break down of everything that took place at the Royal Rumble, plus they will cover all of the latest news going on in wrestling as well. Wrestle Talk Radio will like to hear from you as we will take your phone calls live on the show to get your reaction to everything that happened at the Royal Rumble. So join Wrestle Talk Radio, this Sunday following the Royal Rumble at 11pm Eastern at