Reader Notes: Wrestling Elite, DH Smith, FCW photos

Jonel Jaksa sent this in:

It pains me to have to announce that all local programming on Sports Radio 1130 WDFN including The Wrestling Elite Show have been cancelled. As part of the cut backs Clear Channel Radio has made nation wide this week, WDFN was one of many stations across the country to be blown up. It’s been a sad week as WDFN was undoubtedly the sports talk leader in the Detroit listening area for nearly 15 years.

It took me a few days to get this email out as I wasn?t sure exactly what to write and wasn?t sure if I?d still be here at Clear Channel. I, along with my Wrestling Elite co-host Brad Fortier, still work for what’s left of WDFN. Our co-host Chauncey Williamson was among the many show hosts, reporters and producers that were terminated. I can safely say that the almost two years that we hosted the occasional Wrestling Elite Show on WDFN were some of the best times I?ve had in radio. I know that Brad, Chauncey and I all had fun doing the show and we want to thank all of the wrestlers, promoters, wrestling web sites and most importantly anyone and everyone who tuned in to hear The Wrestling Elite. We especially want to thank Steve Gerweck from for being our ?insider? for much of our time on the air and for getting the word out to his readers about our show before anyone else.

We can?t definitively say that this is the end of The Wrestling Elite Show, but it’s certainly a closed chapter in our short history. Right now the station web site still has our wrestling page up and I?ll continue to add content to it as I can. I?ll also keep this email address for a while so anyone who wants to get in contact with us can do so.

Thanks again for your time spent with us and thank you all for being part of The Wrestling Elite.

Craig sent this in:

Hey, just thought I’d let you know that WWE has put up DH Smith’s profile on the Smackdown section on the WWE website.

Rob sent this in: