1/21 Southeastern Wrestling News, Notes and Nostalgia



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Tuesday??’s edition of Dan Masters Live saw Nigel Sherrod once again sit in with Masters, with both offering comments on the wrestling business, politics, entertainment, etc. The show is a presentation of the GWHRN. Click here for the archive.

World Wrestling Entertainment results from the SmackDown house show at the John E. Worthen Arena in Muncie, IN, on January 19: Carlito & Primo Colon over Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson to retain the WWE Tag Team Title; Kizarny over Eric Escobar; the Bella Twins over Michelle McCool & Natalya; Shelton Benjamin over R-Truth to retain the WWE US Heavyweight Title; Vladimir Kozlov over Jimmy Wang Yang & Kung Funaki in a handicap match; Edge & Umaga over Hurricane Helms & the Great Khali; and the Undertaker over the Big Show in a cage match.

The final overall rating for Friday??’s edition of WWE??’s SmackDown was 2.1.

WWE has announced the following events: March 7, RAW/ECW at the Leon County Civic Center in Tallahassee, FL; and March 17, SmackDown at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX.

Total Nonstop Action will be at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, tonight. Advertised: Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Beer Money, Team 3D, Consequences Creed, Sheik Abdul Bashir, ODB, Christy Hemme, the Beautiful People, Abyss, Matt Morgan, and Doug Williams.

TNA results from the house show at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, UK, on January 20: Alex Shelley over Jay Lethal; Taylor Wilde & ODB over the Beautiful People; Brutus Magnus over Consequences Creed; Matt Morgan & Abyss over Eric Young & Doug Williams, followed by Morgan and Abyss pushing each other around a bit; Samoa Joe over Sheik Abdul Bashir; Beer Money over Team 3D; and Jeff Jarrett & A.J. Styles over Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner.

Kin Folk Wrestling will be at the National Guard Armory in Pigeon Forge, TN, tonight.

The following information in regard to birthdays and memoriams has been compiled from various sources. In the event you can let us know of any omissions or corrections, please email to contributions@georgiawrestlinghistory.com.

Today??’s Birthdays: Ivan Putski (1941), Go Shiozaki (1982), and Maryse (1983).

Today In Memoriam: Billy Edwards (51, 1941), Rudy Miller (1982), Eddie Graham (55, 1985), and Nick Gulas (76, 1991).

Dr. Phil Astin, who was linked to Chris Benoit, Johnny Grunge, among others, and indicted on 175 counts of dispensing drugs in alarming amounts involving 17 patients in total, has a change of plea hearing scheduled for January 29. A trial was to begin in April after had had initially put in a plea of not guilty last June. He will be in court on January 29 to officially change his plea. No terms of the plea agreement have been disclosed.

The GeorgiaWrestling.TK site has released their annual list of the top 50 independent wrestlers in Georgia. The top 10 is as follows: 1) Phil Shatter, 2) Cru Jones, 3) Sal Rinauro, 4) Micah Taylor, 5) Iceberg, 6) Shaun Banks, 7) Shadow Jackson, 8) Mikal Judas, 9) David Young, and 10) Bull Buchanan. To see the complete list, click here.

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


JANUARY 21, 1936 (TUESDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? ATLANTA THEATRE (Henry Weber ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Rudy Strongberg and Roy Lumpkin wrestled to a draw > Frank Speer defeated Cy Williams by disqualification > Dorv Roche defeated Babe Zaharias / Notes: Rudy Strongberg replaced Dorv Roche in the match with Roy Lumpkin, as Roche substituted for Orville Brown in the match with Babe Zaharias.

JANUARY 21, 1938 (FRIDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? WARREN ARENA (Frank Speer ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Dorv Roche defeated Karl Davis > Babe Zaharias defeated Paul Harper > Milo Steinborn defeated Everett Gibbons

JANUARY 21, 1938 (FRIDAY) ??? AUGUSTA, GA ??? NEW COLISEUM (L.A. Roche ??? Promoter) > Jack Ross defeated Young Londos (2-0) > Jimmy Logas defeated Raoul Lopez (2-1)

JANUARY 21, 1943 (THURSDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Sammy Friedman ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Roland Kirchmeyer defeated Rudy Strongberg > Dorv Roche defeated Tiny Ruff > Al Massey defeated Tiny Kennon / Notes: Tiny Ruff substituted for Cowboy Luttrall in the match with Dorv Roche.

JANUARY 21, 1944 (FRIDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Albert Mills defeated Otto Schnabel > The Red Devil defeated Tony Felice > Al Massey defeated Al Galento

JANUARY 21, 1949 (FRIDAY) ??? DOUGLASVILLE, GA ??? DOUGLASVILLE NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY (Fred Ward ??? Promoter / Fred Ward Promotions) > Tommy Ward defeated Danny Dusek > The Phantom defeated Bob Shipp

JANUARY 21, 1963 (MONDAY) ??? AUGUSTA, GA ??? WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Steve Manderson ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Derrell Cochran versus Bronko Lubich > The Steve Boys versus Lenny Montana & the Bat / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Homer O???Dell managed Bronko Lubich.

JANUARY 21, 1964 (TUESDAY) ??? MACON, GA ??? MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward ??? Promoter / Fred Ward Promotions) > Billy Hines defeated Ken Hollis > Women??’s Tag Team Match: Lucille Dupree & Margaret Garcia defeated Andrea Swenson & Mary Jane Mull > Billy & Bad Boy Hines defeated Ken Fryer & Little Abner by disqualification / Notes: It was reported that 1,627 were in attendance for this card.

JANUARY 21, 1966 (FRIDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Midget Women??’s Match: Darling Dagmar defeated Diamond Lil > Chin Lee defeated Johnny King > Al Costello & Louie Tillet defeated Eric & Karl Von Brauner by disqualification > Mario Galento defeated Al Greene by disqualification > $1,000 Challenge Handicap Match: Dale Lewis defeated Charlie Harben & Sputnik Monroe to win money / Notes: Saul Weingeroff managed Eric & Karl Von Brauner. Sputnik Monroe put up $1,000 in the match with Dale Lewis, betting Lewis could not defeat him and Charlie Harben within the first thirty minutes. It was announced that the Mysterious Medics would be wrestling on the card on January 28, 1966.

JANUARY 21, 1969 (TUESDAY) ??? MACON, GA ??? MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Tim Geohagen defeated Seiji Sakaguchi > Jim Wilson defeated Jim Benedetti at 1:00 > World Tag Team Title Match: the Assassins* defeated Alberto & Ramon Torres / Notes: Jack Crawford managed Seiji Sakaguchi. The Assassins had been the reigning World Tag Team Champions since they defeated Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller on December 20, 1968, in Atlanta.

JANUARY 21, 1972 (FRIDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Brass Knucks Title One-Night Tournament: Bepo Mongol (Winner) to win title; Bob Armstrong, Mr. X, Buddy Colt, Karl Von Stroheim, Rocket Monroe, Raton Kadoka, El Mongol, Derrell Cochran, Pat Kelly, Mike Kelly, Billy Spears, Roberto Soto, Dick Steinborn, and Flash Monroe also participated / Notes: It is unclear as to the pairing and results of the tournament. Assassin #1 managed Karl Von Stroheim, Bepo Mongol, and Mr. X. Charlie Smith was credited as being a referee for this card. It was announced that Bobo Brazil would be wrestling in Atlanta on January 28, 1972. Bill Dromo and Bob Armstrong participated in an autograph session for fans.

JANUARY 21, 1975 (TUESDAY) ??? ALBANY, GA ??? ALLISON???S SKATING RINK (Fred Ward ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) Notes: Doug Somers and Tonya West were scheduled to wrestle, but no other details have been found.

JANUARY 21, 1975 (TUESDAY) ??? MACON, GA ??? MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Man Mountain Blackwell defeated Steve Keirn > Roger Kirby defeated Ricky Gibson > Women??’s Match: Joyce Grable defeated Ann Casey > Ron Garvin, Rock Hunter & Assassin #2 defeated Ken Patera, Jerry Brisco & Mr. Wrestling #2 by disqualification > Jimmy Golden versus J.C. Dykes > Macon Tag Team Title Match (DQ Rule Waived / No TL): Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated the Mighty Yankees* to win title / Notes: Jimmy Golden and J.C. Dykes were scheduled to wrestle each other, but no results were reported after the card. Jimmy Garvin managed Ron Garvin. Rock Hunter managed Assassin #2. J.C. Dykes managed the Mighty Yankees. Bearcat Wright managed Roger Kirby.

JANUARY 21, 1977 (FRIDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bill Howard and Dean Ho wrestled to a draw > Ricky Steamboat defeated Charlie Fulton > Raymond Rougeau defeated Scott Irwin > Abdullah the Butcher defeated Bob Backlund > Dusty Rhodes defeated the Mongolian Stomper by disqualification > No DQ Match: Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Dick Slater > Georgia Tag Team Title Match: Mr. Wrestling #1 & #2 defeated Ole & Gene Anderson* to win title / Notes: J.J. Dillon managed the Mongolian Stomper.

JANUARY 21, 1978 (SATURDAY) ??? ATLANTA, GA ??? WTCG STUDIOS (Paul Jones ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jacques Goulet defeated Richard Blood > Tony Atlas defeated Bill White > Tommy Rich & Raymond Rougeau defeated Jim Dalton & Butch Malone > The Bounty Hunter defeated Barry Sharpe > Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen defeated Randy Alls & Jimmy Pruitt / Notes: This was taped for the ???Georgia Championship Wrestling??? television program hosted by Gordon Solie.

JANUARY 21, 1980 (MONDAY) ??? AUGUSTA, GA ??? WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben ??? Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Lars Anderson defeated Oki Shikina > Ray Candy defeated Killer Khan > Tommy Rich defeated Austin Idol > Georgia Tag Team Title Match: Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff* defeated Kevin Sullivan & Steve Travis > Lumberjack Match: Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated the Masked Superstar / Notes: Gorgeous George, Jr., managed Killer Khan.

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