Reader Notes: Hurricane Helms, R-Truth, Torrie Wilson

Shelly Lenay sent this in: Hurricane Helms is taking questions from fans that he is going to answer. You can post questions at his myspace at Previous questions asked are archived at

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Eoghan sent this in: Just a little note. I was shifting through the Rumble entrants on when I noticed R-Truth. WWE hasn’t mentioned his previous run in (the company), but on the Rumble entrant page they did mention he was in the 2001 Rumble.

Cory Wiatrek sent this in: I didn’t know if this was news worthy, but I was recently walking through “Market Street” in The Woodlands, TX and noticed Torrie Wilson’s clothing store “Jaded” has shut down. She opened the store in Spring 2008 and it’s doors have been officially closed.