Pro Wrestling Rewind: Mysterio, ECW, Victoria, WWE cuts

The latest edition of the popular “Pro Wrestling Rewind” radio show now on ESPN Radio 1400 (1400 AM) featuring host “The Power” Andy Knowles is now streaming and online for your listening pleasure.

Taking place this past Saturday night (January 17), host “The Power” Andy Knowles is back with another edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind on ESPN Radio 1400. Andy is joined by Sunday Night Showdown ( host JJ Sexay for the entire show. On the show, Andy and JJ talk about JJ’s new show “Sunday Night Showdown”, reports of Rey Mysterio signing a new deal with WWE, what the ECW brand has become for WWE including Jack Swagger winning the ECW Championship this week, Victoria announcing her retirement from WWE on Smackdown, an update on what Mike Adamle has been up to since his departure from WWE, JJ not liking WWE using the old AWA logo for a new John Cena t-shirt, another look at the WWE cuts over the last two weeks, thoughts on TNA’s Genesis PPV and the many problems with the show involving talent, the Legacy group on Raw and a unique discussion on pro wrestling championship belts in WWE and TNA.

Streaming link: Click here to hear the show (.mp3 version) has been the official news source for the “Pro Wrestling Rewind” for quite some time now and we are excited to continue this great partnership with Andy Knowles.

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