Reader Notes: Mike Adamle update, Chris Benoit

Paul M. Ray sent this in to follow up on report yesterday:

Adam, I’m from Chicago and I read your site all the time…but what’s odd about the Adamle situation is that he’d be on Raw on Monday’s and on NBC5 on Tuesday through Thursday. Then he’d be off Friday through Monday. He never left his sports anchor job. That’s why people in Chicago were a bit confused when he first showed up in WWE holding a mic interviewing in the crowd.

Kyle Merritt sent this in:

On under the Royal Rumble tab they have a new facts and figures page. Listed under the heading “Longest time in the ring” they have actually done their record book justice by listing Chris Benoit as having the second longest time just ahead of Bob Backlund and behind Rey Mysterio. It seems they are past obscuring his name completely albeit never displaying pictures or anything else of his likeness.