The latest television ratings figures for WWE and TNA

Here is a breakdown for the latest WWE and TNA television ratings courtesy of The Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Weekly Newsletters:

TNA Impact on 1/8 drew a final 1.1 cable rating (rounded up from a 1.06) with 1.5 million viewers. The show did a 0.69 in males 18-34 and 0.79 in males 35-49. The show went head-to-head with the Florida-Oklahoma national championship game, so TNA was thrilled with the number and had been expecting a drop to 0.9.

ECW on Sci Fi on 1/6 drew a final 1.4 cable rating (rounded up from a 1.35) with 1.68 million viewers.

WWE Monday Night Raw on 1/5 drew a final 3.4 rating with 5 million viewers. The average age for those watching the show was 35.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown on 1/2 drew a final 2.1 broadcast rating. No word on total viewership.