Update on Paul London

WrestleView’s own David Stephens sent this in:

From: http://www.excellence-of-innovation.de/ [because the original site is in German]

I just received the news that Paul will appear in Oberhausen, Germany for the Westside Xtreme Wrestling promotion on May 1st. wXw posted the following on their official website, translation credit goes to me:

On the first day, a former 3-time WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE Cruiserweight Champion will step in the ring for us. In the fan poll at the beginning of this year, this name was mentioned quite often and every wrestling fan, who follows this sport a bit longer and is able to look over the edge of the plate, will remember the emotional moments when fans created the chant ???Please don???t die!??? for this man. We???re talking about one of the absolute stars of the early Ring Of Honor days, an exceptional talent, the man with quite possibly the best Shooting Star Press in wrestling.

We present: Paul London!

Credit: http://www.wxw-wrestling.com