Reader Notes: Mick Foley, Bobby Lashley, TTRS

Chris Anas sent this in: WWE has surprisingly re added Mick Foley bio on the WWE Alumni page.

Note from Adam Martin: To view this, click here.

Georgia Wrestling History sent this in:

01/04/2009: MMA Sunday Debut Archive Online

The GWH Radio Network launched Sunday night, with the debut of MMA Sunday, hosted by the Canvas Chronicle??’s Ric Gillespie, along with Casey Trowbridge from Combat Hooligans. The show featured a lengthy conversation with Bobby Lashley, who shared some information not previously disclosed elsewhere. Click here for the archive.

Mike Trash sent this in: Max Thrasher “The Bounty Hunter” and Donnie Bon Jovi on 1/06 TTRS
Last Show we had on the Jake “the SNake” Roberts. Check him out in the archives.
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