As reported on last night by Tom Van Stone, the new design for is now up and running. The design launched shortly after the start of Wrestlemania 26. We are very excited about the change and hope everything enjoys the new look.

Among some of the changes:

* Enhanced navigation
* Enhanced top story area
* Newly organized rundown of all results and columns
* An updated look for our newsboard displaying the 50 latest headlines
* Return of the Wrestleview Poll
* Introduction of a new “WWE Rankings” system developed by Mike Tedesco VIP members:
We have now opened a sub-section of for our exclusive VIP members located at We ask that you get in the habit of bookmarking this area for future use. Otherwise, you can always use the “VIP” bar link up top and click “Login” to sign in. Expect more changes to the VIP area in the next 24-48 hours as well.

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Expect some slight modifications in the next 24/48 hours in various areas of the website. Thanks for continue to visit and we hope you enjoy the new look!

Adam Martin
Editor in Chief