The following comments were posted on Twitter regarding the passing of Chris Kanyon:

Becky Bayless: RIP Chris Kanyon. I’ll always respect you for having the courage to be yourself in a world that doesn’t always encourage that.

Matt Hardy: Kanyon was always really cool to me.. Hate to hear the sad news. My best goes out to his family & loved one..

Torrie Wilson: My bud Chris Kanyon died & my heart breaks for him. He was a good guy w/a big heart. so tired of my friends dyin like this. RIP cluster.

Jeremy Borash: So many memories. Kanyon loved wrestling more than anyone and shared his knowledge helping many along the way. RIP to a longtime friend.

The Hurricane: RIP Chris Kanyon. He was a good guy that helped a LOT of people in this biz. He struggled with a lot of problems though. It’s a sad day … struggle!! But at least his struggles are over. He was a nutcase, good and bad, but I’ll miss him nonetheless. RIP my friend.

Taz: Sad to hear about Chris Kanyon RIP. …thoughts & prayers out to his family.

Kevin Nash: R.I.P Chris Kaynon prayers to his family and friends.

Billy Kidman: Saddened by the loss of my best friend…I’ve known him for almost 15yrs & we’ve been there for one another through thick & thin, we’ve both had demons & dealt with them together, and I love him like a brother…RIP Chris I will forever & always miss & love you & cherish the time

Shannon Moore: RIP Chris Kanyon!!!

Tara: Chris Kanyon was a great guy and wrestler. He will be missed by all.