Here is a segment-by-segment breakdown of Raw and Impact on March 29.

WWE Monday Night Raw (March 29):
Hours: 3.53, 3.79 (overall audience of 5.8 million viewers)
Quarter hours: Not available yet
Demographics: 2.50 in people 18-49, 3.35 in males 18-49

TNA Impact (March 29):
Hours: Overall audience of 813,000 viewers
Quarter hours: .50, .54, .46, .61, .62, .64, .53, .58 and .63
Demographics: 0.5 in males 18-49, 0.4 in males 18-34, 0.8 in males 12-17

Segment 1:
Raw opening with Batista and John Cena promos and Jack Swagger attempting to cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase drew a 3.75, while Impact opening with a backstage promo featuring Hulk Hogan saying he wasn’t going to be at the show and a segment with The Band and Eric Young drew a 0.55 rating.

Segment 2:
Christian vs. Ted DiBiase in a Legends Lumberjack match lost 409,000 viewers, while Impact featuring Kazarian & Shannon Moore vs. TNA X Division Champion Doug Williams & Brian Kendrick along with a backstage promo featuring Eric Bischoff gained 62,000 viewers.

Segment 3:
The WWE Divas in a hot tub with the stars of “Hot Tub Time Machine” and Triple H’s attempt at a farewell to Shawn Michaels with a Sheamus interference gained 345,000 viewers, while Impact featuring “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero’s in-ring promo, a Samoa Joe clip and Orlando Jordan’s segment did a 0.5 losing 123,000 viewers (possibly one of the lowest quarter hours in the history of Impact).

Segment 4:
Raw with a Divas match lost 304,000 viewers, while Impact with Tara vs. Daffney in a first blood match gained 231,000 viewers.

Segment 5:
Bret Hart’s farewell speech on Raw gained 740,000 viewers (the biggest growth of the night) doing a 3.89 rating, while Impact with AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett gained 15,000 viewers for the first half of the match.

Segment 6:
Raw with The Hart Dynasty vs. Big Show & The Miz, a DX video package and another segment with the stars of “Hot Tub Time Machine” lost 524,000 viewers, while Impact with the second half of Styles vs. Jarrett and Beer Money vs. Jay Lethal gained 30,000 viewers.

Segment 7:
John Cena & RandY Orton vs. Batista & Jack Swagger on Raw lost 203,000 viewers, while Impact with D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe lost 169,000 viewers. So not a good quarter hour for either show.

Segment 8:
The beginning of Shawn Michaels’ farewell speech gained 282,000 viewers going against a segment on Impact featuring Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson that gained 77,000 viewers.

The rest of Shawn Michaels’ farewell speech gained another 534,000 viewers, while Impact with Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam & Eric Young vs. The Band in a steel cage match and Abyss revealing Jeff Jarrett as part of Team Hogan for Lockdown gained 77,000 viewers for a 0.69 rating.