Jim Ross has a new entry on his website, this time talking about Chris Kanyon’s death and more.

“Chris abruptly retired from wrestling and then also declared that he was a gay American which were both major developments in his life. I never knew Chris lead an alternative life style when he was with WWE for a few years not that it would have made any difference to me one way or another. Chris was an innovative wrestler who always sought new maneuvers and holds to utilize in his matches and was a really good teacher and helped many of today’s stars with a variety of in ring techniques. Chris was a guy who seemingly wanted to be a pro wrestler most of his life and embraced the fact that he made it but obviously had issues after leaving the ring. Chris Kanyon will always be considered an underrated star in my eyes and I sincerely wish his many friends and his family our heartfelt condolences during these challenging and heartbreaking times.”

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