Mike Mooneyham has a new column up featuring an interview with Dutch Mantell. Mantell discussed a number of topics including the process of writing his book, producing blogs online and his thoughts on TNA since he was let go by the company as a writer in July 2009.

“I told Jeff Jarrett that his big mistake was allowing bigger con men than him to get in there. That’s what he did. Before Jeff, Cornette and I left, we had this thing up to a 1.3 for three weeks in a row. When we left, you could almost track the demise of TNA from July 31 backwards. They dropped it down to a .9. And it’s continued to drop. I don’t think they know their audience. In their eyes, if you don’t understand it, it’s not the writing, it’s you. The joke seems to be on them. I’ve been around a lot of offices with the death knell, and the TNA office has got the death knell about it. The only money they’re really making is off Spike, and if Spike balks, they’re screwed. What a war this has turned out to be. This hasn’t even been a border skirmish yet. How can you have a war when one side doesn’t even know it’s going on?”

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