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29 Years of Wrestling at the Meadowlands
The History of takes a look at all events held at historic venue

A stone’s throw from Manhattan, the Izod Center has been host to some of the biggest moments in wrestling since it opened in October 1981 as the Brendan Byrne Arena, also known as the Meadowlands.

For the then-WWF, it was a piece of their stronghold over the New York City market. For competing promotions facing the WWF’s exclusive deal with Madison Square Garden, it was their best chance of creating a fanbase in the area.

The History of, celebrating its 8th year, now offers an in-depth look at each and every wrestling event held at the arena – from what was deemed Bruno Sammartino’s retirement at the initial card to Tommy Dreamer’s last match in WWE, held Dec. 29, 2009.

The Meadowlands section joins similar projects already underway focusing on MSG, Maple Leaf Gardens, Boston Gardens, Philadelphia Spectrum, Atlanta Omni, Greensboro Coliseum, and other historic arenas.

Highlights include:

– A look at others’ efforts to break into the market, from Flair vs. Steamboat in 1984 and the Road Warriors vs. the Freebirds in 85 to Flair taking the WCW World Title from Sting in 1991. As a result of WCW’s partnership with the arena, the WWF protested by not running the Meadowlands for more than a year.

– Pay-per-view events including Summer Slam 89, Summer Slam 97, King of the Ring 2001, No Mercy 04, and Summer Slam 07

– The debut of Demolition, a legends battle royal featuring Lou Thesz, Wargames, an Ironman match, and the break up between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant during Piper’s Pit – which led to their match at WrestleMania III.

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