For the week ending April 18, 2010

Impact drew 63,000 viewers (April 12 edition airing April 17; – 47,000 viewers), with 40,000 viewers on Bravo+1 (+3,000)

Interestingly, a mini-series on Alex Reid (famous for being “married” to Katie “Jordan” Price, but a cage fighter without a win in 5 years in his other career) drew ratings of 192,000, 70,000 and 52,000 on the same channel. FYI: the fight that this show was building up (Reid vs Tom “Kong” Watson) was called off a few weeks ago because of a knee injury to Reid. And cue the cynics…

Raw from April 12
drew 137,000 viewers airing live (+10,000 viewers)
drew 16,000 on a replay on Friday afternoon

SmackDown from April 16
drew 102,000 viewers in its first airing (-2,000)

Ian Hamilton