Former WWE star Big Cass reportedly has incident at WrestlePro Event in New Jersey

Former WWE star Big Cass has incident at WrestlePro event

Independent promotion WrestlePro held an event Saturday night at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey.  The event was a farewell to owner Pat Buck who is leaving the promotion after signing on with WWE as a Producer.

According to a report from PWInsider and several other media outlets, former WWE star Big Cass, (also known as CaZXL) was booked as an unadvertised surprise to appear in a battle royal at the WrestlePro Event.  

The reports indicate that Cass was acting “aggressive and erratic” backstage for most of the night which eventually lead to his removal from the venue.  

It is being said that Cass confronted current AEW star Joey Janela backstage at the event and physically threatened him apparently due to Janela’s altercation he had with former WWE star Enzo Amore at a past Blink 182 concert in New Jersey.  

In addition, reports are also indicating that Cass made his way through the locker room making accusations that someone stole his sweater and insinuated that he was going to beat people up. 

Cass apparently ended up in a room with Pat Buck who was putting together the main event match with AEW stars SCU.  Cass then accused Buck and SCU that they stole his personal belongings followed by Cass spiting in Buck’s face. 

Buck then punched Cass that took him out with that one punch.  Buck then took Cass down on the floor as other wrestlers came in to take him out of the room. He then asked why he was hit and what was going on. 

After Cass was removed from the event, local police were said to have been searching his car after remaining outside of the Rahway Rec Center where fans reportedly said he was sitting down on the sidewalk making loud remarks about himself to the point that  local police called for an ambulance to take him to an area hospital. 

Pat Buck’s farewell did happen as originally planned.

Big Cass was released from WWE in 2018 after several behavioral issues. He has noted in previous interviews that he does battle with alcohol and depression. 

He also suffered from a seizure at a House of Hardcore event last December. 

Following a stint in NXT, Cass debuted on the main WWE roster in April of 2016 along with Enzo Amore. He would then move to singles competition in July of 2017.