Report: CM Punk and Colt Cabana lawsuit over

According to a new report from PWInsider, the lawsuit between Colt Cabana and CM Punk is officially over as it has been dismissed with prejudice.  

The report indicates the court documents were filed on September 26 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois by Scott “Colt Cabana” Colton and Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

Also according to the same report, there was no financial settlement involved and that the settlement was based on mutual releases of Cabana’s and Punk’s claims against each other. 

The court documents filed noted that Cabana and Punk jointly filed for the case to be dismissed and that the court “having examined said stipulation and being fully advised in the premises, fined this cause of action has been fully compromised and settled and the parties have stipulated and agreed to the dismissal of the complaint with prejudice, and the court further finds that all costs have been paid.”

It should be noted that because the court dismissed the lawsuit prejudice, neither party can files another lawsuit against each other over the matter. 

We reported last December that The Chicago Sun Times first revealed that CM Punk promised to help out Cabana with legal fees that would add up in the lawsuit against Dr. Christopher Amann and WWE, saying he would be “100% covered.” 

The legal fees amassed to $513,736. Punk reportedly requested Cabana pay half of the fees, totaling $256,868.