The latest edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge” for Saturday, May 8, 2010 with hosts Anthony Valvo (ROH on HDNet recapper, “From the Desk of Mr. V” columnist) and David Stephens (WWE Monday Night Raw recapper, “That’s a Wrap” columnist) is now online and streaming exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

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Topics covered on the show this weekend for May 8th:

* Bubba is voted off the Island
* TNA waves the white flag
* Linda will put US Taxpayers over if she is voted into the US Senate
* TNA Knockout getting married
* Kane comments on “PG”
* Matt Hardy taking time off…house shows only
* Ashley Massaro wants on the TNA Island
* Jim Ross, the future…
* Happy Anniversary WVIP
* Finlay is too old to fight!
* Mickie James Fan Arrested
* 885,000 buys for Wrestlemania 26
* Title, Job, Fire Game
* Rankings of who the Teachers Lounge considers the ten most best wrestlers who are 30 and under
* Rule Rewind
* All new detentions, gold stars and more!

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