Terry Funk speaks his mind in this telling interview. He says at 65
his body is destroyed and jokes that he used to jump out of bed, but now he crawls.

“I don’t need any enhancing drugs. Wrestling is my drug. It’s what I love. I grew up in the backseat of a car. I didn’t want to be a cowboy. I wanted to wrestle. I went to college and played football. I was with the Kansas City Chiefs. But I had an opportunity to wrestle. And it’s been the love of my life.”

He talked about guys virtually killing themselves in the ring for the love of the sport while questioning the motives of others. “You watch The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels walk into the ring. They’re physically hurt, but they do it. It’s the rush you get. It’s the same for a lot of guys in the business. They’re the true wrestlers. It’s in their hearts. For a guy like Hulk Hogan, I think it’s the money for him. It’s about the bucks.” He also talked about his Hall of Fame induction saying he enjoyed the moment, but noted, “if one person doesn’t want you in, you’re not in. Is that really a true Hall of Fame?”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)