For week ending May 2, 2010…

Impact from April 26 (aired May 1)
– drew 105,000 viewers on Bravo (+44,000 viewers from last week); 48,000 viewers an hour later on “Bravo +1” (no change for that rating from the prior week)

(the Alex Reid mini-series is down to 60,000 viewers as it’s plainly clear that the fight this was building to is now off…)

Raw from April 26
– drew 123,000 viewers in the live timeslot (2am Tuesday morning)
– drew 45,000 viewers on Thursday April 29’s replay (-2,000)

SmackDown from April 30
– drew 101,000 viewers in the first airing (-29,000)

Superstars from April 29
– drew 44,000 viewers in a replay on May 1 (-6,000)

And a replay of WWE Extreme Rules (on Sky Sports 3) drew 75,000 – airing less than a day after the live show (vs 162,000 for the live airing of the PPV).

Ian Hamilton