New Dutch Mantell blog, news on second book

The World According to Dutch

Dirty Dutch has posted his latest blog on his The World According to Dutch website. In it, he talks about the opening of The University of Dutch, his new wrestling school, located right outside Nashville, which is a 2.000 square foot beautifully and theatrically themed facility that will soon be known as one of the premier training centers in the entire United States. Dutch also comments about the status of his second book, which he is currently writing which will hopefully be ready for publication in a couple more months.

The blog’s subject matter is a great read and a true story as Dutch relates a late night physical confrontation between himself and what seemed to be an extra from the movie, Deliverance, in some back water redneck town in Florida in a 7-11 convenience store parking lot. Another great read by the Dutchman. Check it out.

Check it out…