Joey Mercury vs. ROH

Former Ring Of Honor producer Joey Mercury is taking to social media to speak about the mistreatment of talent in the company.

Joey Mercury, who parted ways with the company this past Thursday, has taken Ring Of Honor General Manager Greg Gilleland to task on Twitter.

Among Mercury’s many revelations, he claims:

— ROH provides an unsafe working environment for its talent, stating that they carry no security, medical staff, have no women on creative, and have the worst looking wrestling on and off television.

— States Shane Taylor isn’t being re-signed and had to be told by Mercury because Gilleland couldn’t be bothered.

— Claims Gilleland was sleeping and not at the show where Jay Lethal broke his arm and Lethal was not taken care of after the injury.

— Insinuates that Alex Shelley’s relationship with the company was hurt because the company allowed him to get his degree as a Certified Athletic Trainer and then was upset that he missed shows to get it.

— Says Gilleland is unqualified to be in his position and takes advantage of people.

— States the ROH does not have a proper concussion protocol and allowed Kelly Klein to go to South Africa to wrestle despite a brain injury.

— Criticizes ROH for not having proper security during the fan incident earlier in the year with a fan and says Bully Ray never should have been put in a position to handle that situation.

Attempts to reach Ring Of Honor to a comment went unanswered. We will continue to follow this story as more becomes available.