WWE and TNA UK ratings ending May 9

For week ending May 9:

Impact (the last Monday night show) didn’t draw a rating on Bravo (the #10 show on Bravo drew 48,000 viewers, so Impact would have lost 57,000 viewers in that slot from the past week); however a replay on Bravo+1 (airing an hour later than the first airing) drew 46,000 viewers for the May 3 Impact. For what it’s worth, the famed Alex Reid mini-series went up to 73,000 viewers in the same week…

Raw from May 3
– drew 108,000 viewers live (down -15,000)

SmackDown from May 7
– drew 157,000 in the first airing (+56,000)

And that’s the lot – a pretty sparse week for first run shows, it has to be said.

Ian Hamilton