Diva Dirt sent this in:

Former WWE Women’s Champion catches up with Diva Dirt to discuss the release of her debut album, ‘Strangers & Angels’ this past Tuesday. Mickie reveals how much of the record she wrote, her plans to join Facebook and her reaction to the record’s success on iTunes. The interview can be read here: http://www.diva-dirt.com/2010/05/22/exclusive-10-questions-with-mickie-james-by-john-canton/

On the album’s success on the iTunes country charts — including #4 on UK iTunes — she says: “Oh my God! I was blown away. Seriously, I did not expect that all. I expected it to be downloaded and do okay, but didn’t expect what happened. It confirmed that I made the right choice in doing an album in the first place. Made me feel like I’m on the right path doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”