NWA announces the return of the Television Championship

It was announced during Saturday night’s Into the Fire PPV that the National Wrestling Alliance is bringing back the NWA Television Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. 

The NWA’s next pay-per-view will take place at the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, January 24, 2020. 

The January event will the second PPV since the debut of the new weekly NWA show Powerrr which streams on YouTube Tuesday’s at 6:05 pm ET/3:05 pm PT, and is also available on YouTube OnDemand.

There are no further details from the NWA on the name of the next PPV, or how the new Television Champion will be crowned. 

The NWA also made the announcement on Twitter. It also appears NWA Owner Billy Corgan will be using the old original Television Championship, which is in the post that can be seen below.