L. Anne Carrington sent this DVD review in:

In observance of Brian Kendrick’s birthday this weekend, as well as his upcoming opportunity of going for the X Division title at TNA’s Slammiversary on June 13, I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch the Highspots shoot video with him and Paul London.

Coming off in a bit of a Bill and Ted style, some of the antics on this video could make it one of the best shoot interviews, even if they appear–how can I put this?–a bit inebriated in some segments (please hold the jokes). It’s difficult to say one way or another, but I will state for certain that Kendrick came off better than London, who seemed to still be smarting from his WWE release.

For as long as they were record-breaking tag team champions, we never saw a hint of the pair’s true personalities. Throughout the video, Kendrick shows the attitude, “I don’t work there any more, it wasn’t my thing, and I’m not going back.” He’s critical, but not overly so. The guy tells it like it is, yet he doesn’t come across as bitter.

Paul London, on the other hand, was a little puzzling to take at times. I will admit I did get a laugh out of some of the facial expressions and jokes, though.

We learn about how the pair met in California while working their way through independent promotions. The two are close friends because they have the same ambitions and like the same things, but, “We’re not gay, though.”

When asked what the most jarring differences are between the independents and WWE. “dreams ruined.” Kendrick added in the independents, wrestlers had thirty minutes to an hour, whereas with WWE, he could show up to work and not even be needed. One could lose their hunger because “what’s the f*** point?”

Kendrick also said he would rather work at Home Depot than ever go back to WWE.

Other highlights of the “Excellent Adventures” video includes insights on Beniot, Bob Holly, ROH, more on backstage WWE, along with some other good times. For some brutally honest insights with no holds barred, the “Excellent Adventures” video may be ordered from Highspots for $19.99 at http://www.highspots.com/product.asp?id=23137&category=274