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In a recent poll asking what is the best weekly wrestling show on TV, the results were as follows:

WWE Raw 42% (1,977 votes)
TNA Impact 29% (1,356 votes)
WWE Smackdown 15% (712 votes)
WWE NXT 6% (293 votes)
ROH on HDNet 6% (284 votes)
WWE Superstars 1% (46 votes)

Total votes: 4,668

Not surprisingly, WWE Raw came away with the most votes. Raw has become an institution and the most recognized TV show is wrestling history. After all these years, it remains the show to see in the wrestling world.

Coming in at second was TNA Impact. Regardless of the volatile ratings the show seen over the last several weeks, 29% of Wrestleview readers still believe it is the best wrestling show out there. Given that four of the six most well-known wrestling TV shows each week come from WWE, TNA provides an alternative to the McMahon Empire that wrestling fans crave.

Smackdown has been touted by many in the wrestling world as the best show when it comes to wrestling quality. Still, overall more fans believe Raw and Impact are superior shows. The program is also in a transition period, much like Impact. Come this fall, both shows could look drastically different.

As WWE NXT comes to a close for its first go-around, several fans marked the show as their favorite. It is a different concept that showcases up-and-coming talent the company needs, such as Daniel Bryan.

While ROH on HDNet only garnered 6% of the votes, it beat out one of WWE’s programs. Being that ROH airs on a channel that very few have access to, its following is devoted and could do very well on a different network.

Coming in with 1% of the votes is WWE Superstars. While very few voted for the program, it does offer a toned-down alternative to the otherwise “busy” programs WWE runs such as Raw and Smackdown.

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Matt O’Brien