from Devin Cutting: has posted previews for the remaining episodes of Half Pint Brawlers. The previews are listed below.

Episode #2 – Premieres June 9th, 2010:
Turtle’s commitment to the team is tested when the Brawlers want him to perform an erotic dance for a private party and a lube wrestling match with women.

Episode #3 – Premieres June 16th, 2010:
The Brawlers scramble to find family-friendly acts to perform at the Southern Pride Festival in Louisiana. Beautiful Bobby vows to jump his motorcycle over an alligator, despite Kato’s objections.

Episode #4 – Premieres June 23rd, 2010:
Puppet brings back Teo, an estranged former Brawler, for big shows on Bourbon Street and a maximum security prison, but Kato refuses to put his differences aside and chaos ensues.

Episode #5 – Premieres June 30th, 2010:
The Brawlers travel to Mexico to wrestle with the legendary Luchadores, face down an angry bull and compete to see who can hook up first.

Episode #6 – Premieres July 7th, 2010:
Puppet’s reputation is on the line when he gets duped by wrestlers he hired for a Battle Royale that can’t wrestle. After another week of hazing, Turtle becomes an official Half Pint Brawler.

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