– Chris Jericho via Twitter: Leaving the set after another amazing night of filming! On tues,June 22 at 9pm on ABC, from 100 ft above LA, prepare for your Downfall!

– TNA Knockout ODB is apparently not engaged after all. She changed her status on her My Space to engaged, but didn’t think people would take it seriously.

– British wrestling champion Jack Taylor passed away a few week’s ago following a short illness. He was 82. Taylor wrestled in the 1950s and 1960s against the likes of Johnny Saint and Jackie Pallo, retiring just before the heyday of British televised wrestling. He was a seven times
British champion, five times European champion and twice Captain DuMonde, France’s version of world champion, claiming to have wrestled in over 10,000 matches. In later life he ran a wrestling school at his local YMCA and penned several books, including The Sexual Exploits of a Professional Wrestler. (credit: Mike Aldren)