– From Jeff Sheridan: This weeks Smackdown in New York (on WWOR) airs around 11PM Friday Night due to major league baseball

– From Mike Informer: It’s Tony Parker vs. Eva Longoria in World Cup

– From Fred Richani: GNC to invest in TNA?

– There is some unhappiness among fans in the UK over ticket pricing for the next tour in January. The tour–three dates in large arenas–is built around Flair, RVD and Hardy (if he’s not in jail) so one would assume the overheads are higher than with previous tours. Ticket prices are nearly double the cost of a U.S. house show ranging from $33 up to $109 for front row. They are also planning to do fan interactions before each show although it doesn’t appear that these are including in the price of a ticket. TNA is said to be very happy with how the UK market is performing for them at the moment. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)