Jason Clevett of Slam Wrestling is featuring an interview with former WCW, WWE and TNA star Booker T where he discusses a number of topics including his recent appearance for TNA at a house show event.

“It was really cool to get out there and mix it up with Rob Van Dam. We are really good friends but it was all about the title. A.J. Styles had flight problems and couldn’t make it in and they didn’t want to dissapoint the fans. It was 2 hours from where I live. I still got good relations with TNA. The TNA family actually treated me very well, I was just going through a lot of personal things when I left. I am still close to Dixie Carter who is a nice lady doing a lot of great things for the wrestling business and the wrestlers. Terry Taylor, one of my favorite people, called me and asked me if I would fill in. I am a team player and I said ‘heck yeah man.’ It was a great night not just for the fans but for myself to go out there and see if I still got it, the itch to be out there and doing it. The fans were going crazy which was totally unexpected. Rob and I went out and I gave him a black eye, he almost broke my jaw when he kicked me in the side of the head. All is fair in love and war when you are out there in the ring trying to deliver for the fans. That is what it was about. Man it was a great night.”

Booker also addresses if rumors of a return to WWE were true in the interview and why he has no plans to make a return to WWE or TNA at this time with his wife about to give birth to twins. To check out the full interview, click here.