Dave Batista, Chavo Guerrero, Ernest Miller and Bill Goldberg were among the pro wrestlers sitting ringside at the Strikeforce MMA event in California last night. Sources say Batista is looking for a two fight deal in MMA and that Strikeforce has already offered him a big name opponent. He is also negotiating to be part of a new reality series.
Those he talked to last night said he gave the impression he was done with WWE. We did hear a few week’s ago there may be some sour grapes from Vince McMahon over his departure. He hasn’t ruled out returning one day as he leads a lavish lifestyle and will probably need the money. Very few people know this but he broke his back (small hairline fracture) from the car bump in the match against Cena at Over the Limit back on 5/23. He’s been resting up following that injury and plotting his next move. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

On a side note, Goldberg wrote on his experience via Twitter: had a great time seeing the Showtime crew and some old friends..Herschel, J Barnett,the “Cat,”Sefo McCarthy,Dean,KJ,Glazier,F.George, Chavo,Batista,M.J. White,T. Atencio(AFFLICTION)..and a boatload more. Had a bitchin’ time.THX Dinkins!