“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a guest on Live Audio Wrestling to promote his latest film The Stranger. He was fairly diplomatic. He said Jim Ross was a great friend and instrumental in his career but understands why WWE chooses not to use him as an announcer.

“It’s just a case of the WWE wanting to go in a different direction and maybe get younger. The show has changed, it’s a PG rated show so Jim fits into that but the Stone Cold character not so much. That’s just the business and sooner or later your time is up and I guess they figured his time was up. I love Jim Ross and I think he’s the greatest announcer in the history of the business and there’s been a couple of outstanding ones and lots of good ones but I put him at the top of the list – and that’s just the wrestling business.”

Austin also shot down the notion of returning to the ring. He said: “I think it’s best to leave well enough alone and let people remember Steve Austin for what he was. Could I go back? I could get another couple of years out of this carcass if I wanted to or if I had to and I could have another match but what’s the point? I have my sights focused on trying to be as good an actor as I can be and go down this road. I love my wrestling fans and wrestling is what put me on the map and I still follow the business to this day but I’m going to leave well enough alone.” Full interview at www.liveaudiowrestling.com.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)