Former AWA heavyweight champion of the world Larry Zbyszko was a guest on Sunday Night’s Live Audio Wrestling, here are some notes:

– Zbyszko described today’s wrestling as “tits and skits.”

– Zbyszko, 58, said he enjoys the pool and golf during the week, and accepts 3 or 4 bookings a month on weekends.

– He said ESPN classic airing the AWA tapes exposed him to a younger generation including AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, etc.

– “I can’t watch the WWE stuff .. they have really made it silly,” said Zbyszko.

– He said he doesn’t watch Ring of Honor because it doesn’t show up on his cable.

– He said TNA is imitating Vince McMahon’s product. He said TNA had a chance, but are going backwards now. “They don’t know what the business is,” Zbyzkso commented.

– Zbyszko said he finds MMA boring, but enjoys following Brock Lesnar because he was “one of the boys.”

– “I think Vince hates me,” said Zbyszko when asked about possibility being inducted into the WWE hall of fame. Zbyzko said he might be called if they “run out of dead guys.”

– Zbyszko plugged some of his low budget movie projects.

– Zbyszko resides in Orlando.

Zbyzko is always a classic interview.