– As of this post, Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin are the top trending topics on Twitter.

– Jim Ross posted on Twitter: In brock’s locker room w/ austin, rock, goldberg & heyman. Amazing night. Brock’s face is a mess but he endured.

– Diamond Dallas Page posted: Brock is the Baddest SOB on the planet right now… Hands Down!

– Tyler Reks: Lesnar’s not human. I’m pretty sure he’s a T-1000.

– Torrie Wilson: Wow so proud of Brock! He’s hands down the biggest badass I have ever met..friggin great fight!

– Taz: Congrats to my bud Brock!! Great job, ALL heart! Im so happy 4 him! Awesome job big man!!!

– Michael McGillicutty: Brock Lesner is the man! PERIOD! I’m happy for you buddy!

– Shannon Moore: Brock is the man. Wow congrats!!!