Another Honky Tonk Man Appearance

– Awesome Kong vs. Angel Orsini headlines the 8/6 Women Superstars Uncensored show at the Middletown VFW Hall in Middletown, NJ. Ticket Information: E-mail or call 732-888-1704 directly

– Last week on, host Thor Odinson (with April Hunter) featured several wrestling interviews throughout the week. On Tuesday the 29th, Sean Waltman & Scott Hall came on. Sean entertained the listeners with a story of a botched bronco buster that ended up requiring 12 stitches in his…ahem…anus. And a diaper. He said he thought the problem with TNA is that they copy angles that at one point were successful years ago, but times change and today you need to be AHEAD of the curve and in touch with pop culture. He’s currently in LA recovering, hoping to start therapy for Hep C soon, and is working with Scott Halls online site.

Scott Hall was very emotional, breaking down several times during the interview. He said that wrestlers often get a ‘high’ from being in the ring, but working for TNA, he only got that high every third week…then he had to face being Scott Hall-The-Person. Not the wrestler. And that’s where it got difficult. He stressed that mental illness is not something to be taken lightly and if anyone feels sad, angry or not quite right, they need to get it checked out immediately instead of waiting 30 years like he did. He told listeners that he lived in a million dollar home, watching Shawshank Redemption for the third time and yet he was completely and utterly alone. He said he was trying to learn from the mistakes he’d made and going to therapy on a regular basis. He said he was grateful to everyone at TNA for caring about him as a human and pushing him to get well and thankful to Dixie Carter. He also said he’s doing more behind the camera now and pushed his site,

Ratings went through the roof and broke listening records for both Hall and Maverick. We thank all who tuned in and invite you back to keep on rockin’!