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Candice Michelle is interviewed about the joys of motherhood. She says her newborn is a good sleeper but
wants to feed a little more than she would like. “When we do the marathon breastfeeding at night that can be 3-5 hours of me sitting on my tushy on the couch. That can emotionally and physically drain you so just getting into the flow of that is challenging.” Her baby’s name, Akianne, is taken from the first names of her mother and the mother of her husband, both of whom have passed on. She says she’s already back in the gym but doesn’t feel any pressure to lose weight. When asked about WWE, she was very diplomatic saying everyone has control of their own character. “If they ask you to go out and do something you don’t want to
do, you need to have a backbone and say that you don’t want to,” she said. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)