Brad Dykens of passed this along from Roni Jonah:

The Zombie Movie is a horror comedy that I wrote and am directing currently. This is my third feature, writing and directing. The film includes Myself, Jason Crowe, Al Snow, Cyndi Bobcat, Arpil Hunter, JD Maverick, and Ben Woods.
To get people involved I’m hosting an event called Zombiestock with my film partner, Jason Crowe. (we own a film company called Feathered Italian Films) . We’re trying to break the record for the most zombies ever shot on film. We need as many people as possible to come up and play a zombie in the movie. The event is being held in Louisville, KY in conjunction with the Fright Night Film fest.

9700 Bluegrass pkwy
Louisville, ky 40299

The event is free.

Coming in makeup is preferred, but there will be a makeup team there to do makeup, one of those people being me.
There will be celebrity guests such as Al Snow, April Hunter and Ari Lehman (He was the first guy to play Jason Vorhees), live bands, artists and costume contests to entertain people when we’re not filming.

July 30th from noon-7.

Wew! Did I forget anything? It will be really fun. The film has national disrtribution.

Thank you again!