HTM admits he had no talks with TNA

Gary Cantrell sent this in:

This past Thursday, February 4th, The Honky Tonk Man was a guest on The Shoot radio show. Host Gary Cantrell welcomed him to the show and recognized him as a legend and the Greatest Intercontinental champion of all time. Honky Tonk Man referred to himself as the “Most Controversial Figure in Professional Wrestling”. Gary replied that “with the most controversial figure in professional wrestling and the most controversial internet wrestling radio show things could get insane”.

HTM didn’t waste anytime laying jabs into certain people. His first target was TNA’s Bubba the Love Sponge whom he referred to as Todd Alan Clem which was Bubba’s old legal name. HTM mentioned that he was in Bubba’s old hometown of Warsaw Indiana recently and claimed that the people of Warsaw “ran that fat prick out of town”. He claimed the people saw Bubba as “common ordinary Trailer Park trash”. Gary asked HTM about his first experience on the Bubba show. “I was ambushed on that show” replied HTM referring to the time he was tricked onto Bubba’s show. Gary mentioned that it was “Spice Boy” (Matt Loyd) who hosted the fake show that lured HTM on. “I wouldn’t recognize him if he came out of my ass” referring to Spice Boy. HTM mentioned that he was done speaking of Mr. Clem and wanted to move on asking Gary who he wanted him to shoot on next.

Gary said he wanted to talk about HTM’s ass whooping list. According to HTM the top of the list was TNA’s Eric Bischoff. “If Eric Bischoff was laying on the side of the road and his heart was on fire, I’d don’t even think i’d stop to piss in his mouth.” said the Honky Tonk Man. At this point, what Honky Tonk Man doesn’t realize is that Spice Boy is waiting on hold and can hear all of what HTM is saying. Gary mentions that he has a few callers on the line that want to speak to him and HTM says he doesn’t want to talk to any of those “Bubba Army” guys but he welcomed controversy. Gary welcomes the first “caller” on. The caller identifies himself as Matt from the Bubba show. The insults begin to fly between these two, with quite a bit of expletives too much for one recap to contain. To hear all of the “good stuff” you’ll have to listen to the show. One piece of interesting information is when the Honky Tonk Man laughed and said he worked everybody and admitted that there never was talks or a deal with TNA. Spice Boy said the sad part was that the Honky Tonk Man probably thought he had a chance with TNA. “I worked you f*ckers all the way to the very end, there was no deal” said the Honky Tonk Man. To hear the entire 15 minute uncensored confrontation, head over to and select Episode #154.

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