Audio: “Friday Fishbowl” for July 16, 2010

The latest edition of the “Friday Fishbowl” for Friday, July 16, 2010 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin (Editor in Chief of and special guest “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo (columnist for “From the Desk of Mr. V” and host of “The Teacher’s Lounge”).

Questions answered on this week’s Friday Fishbowl:

* During the 7/5/2010 edition of Raw, the Email Raw GM text took on qualities of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Assume that this is a swerve, and next week the emails from the Raw GM will take on the personality of another legend. Who are good personalities to do this with? What these emails sound like. (Bonus points if you impersonate Michael Cole doing this!)
(Submitted by The Captain)

* After celebrating your first year of the VIP area, what is your take on other wrestling radio shows and do you think there are way too many?
(Submitted by Chris)

* Has there ever been a wrestler that you never got a chance to see live that you really wanted to?
(Submitted by BWU)

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