Popular AAA star of the 90s, Discovery, passes away at age 54 after a long battle with cancer

Discovery passes away at 39

Former AAA star Discovery passed away on May 15 after a long-fought battle with cancer.

Discovery began wrestling in 1980 under the name Gamma, and he primarily worked on the independents in Tijuana before joining the UWA promotion. In 1995, Antonio Pena brought Gamma to AAA to take part in the reshuffled lineup of his new group Los Power Raiders.

This group was a ripoff of the supremely popular Power Rangers TV series and Gamma – now known as Power Raider Azul – joined Power Raider Verde (Venum), Power Raider Negro (Ludxor), Power Raider Rojo (Frisbee aka Lasser) and Power Raider Blanco (Boomerang aka Skayde).

This new group of high flyers wowed audiences with their acrobatics and were obvious draws for kids but a lawsuit from Saban Films – owners of the Power Rangers TV rights – ended the Los Power Raiders. Instead, Pena recast the group as Los Cadetes del Espacio, a take on a group from the 80s that was originally a popular high-flying trio in the UWA.

Discovery (left) joined Venum Black (top, middle), Ludxor (bottom, middle) and Super Nova (right) as Los Cadetes del Espacio in AAA.

After Frisbee and Boomerang left the promotion in 1996, they were replaced by Super Nova and the group really took off with a series of incredible matches against Los Rudos de la Galaxia, a villinaous group of high flyers that included the original Histeria (Super Crazy), Mosco de la Merced (X-Fly), Maniaco, Abismo Negro and Mach 1.

In 1997, the WWF even brought this high-flying rivalry to Monday Night Raw as Discovery, Super Nova and Venum faced off against Histeria, El Mosco and Abismo Negro. The two groups would face off again on Shotgun Saturday Night for WWF before never returning.

As members of the group fluctuated throughout the next few years Discovery remained a mainstay until leaving the promotion in 1999.

Discovery would eventually move to America and in the mid-2000s began working with the Chicago-based GALLI promotion with friend Yakuza. There, Discovery became a successful lucha trainer and is responsible for helping train stars like the WWE’s Kalisto and Mustafa Ali.

Discovery began working and training for a new Chicago-based lucha promotion in 2016, Lucha Libre Total, and in May of 2019 had the last match of his career in Chicago. In February of this year, Lucha Libre Total held a special event to honor Discovery’s career as he began to take a turn for the worst physically.

RIP Discovery