The latest free audio courtesy of the Wrestleview Radio Network is now archived for Sunday, July 18, 2010 featuring a special WWE Money in the Bank PPV post-show with hosts Adam Martin (Editor in Chief of, Hunter Golden (Managing Editor of and Doug Lackey (Columnist and radio show host for

Topics discussed on this special free show include:

* Breakdown of the results from Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV in Kansas City, Missouri
* How the two “Money in the Bank” ladder matches stacked up in comparison from Raw/Smackdown
* Discussion on the Mysterio vs. Swagger World Title match and the change in Swagger’s ring style
* Why The Miz was the only logical choice to win the Raw “Money in the Bank” ladder match
* Looking at the Steel Cage main event and why John Cena gets a pass as “Super Cena” in the ring
* Reading feedback to the PPV via our Twitter page at
* And so much more on this special free show!

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