During a recent appearance on the “Busted Open” satellite radio show, Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on the WWE product and the TV-PG presentation.

“It is wrestling. Like any form of combat sport or mixed martial arts, it is simulated and somewhat real combat and the lines are somewhat drawn. It has to include violence. I’m not advocating going out there with a fork and gouging someone’s eyeball out. I’m not advocating the hardcore, ‘Oh lets bash each other with florescent light tubes’. But just as in a dramatic UFC or MMA contest, in a combat, contact sport, people are gonna get busted open, gonna bleed. I don’t think its gonna send anybody’s children off to be the next Ted Bundy. It just depends on the context, you try not to do things in bad taste….The PG rating for the sake of it has just sanitized and homogenized wrestling to where its more of a kids product, sports entertainment these days rather than entertaining sport, to me.”

Source: Prowresting.net